Types of Training:
Generally our student's interests fall under 2 main aspects that our school has to offer:

Traditional Training

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Self Fitness

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Modern Self Defense

We are here to help our students achieve their personal goals. All our training and knowledge is available to our students. You can train in all the methods we have to offer or if you prefer to focus on a single aspect, that is fine too.

Professional Training

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Instructor Program

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Full Contact

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Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association
Law Enforcement Techniques

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Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association
Tactical CQC

About our Curriculum:
We have spent several years developing a program that is efficient to our student`s development. We call it a "Rotating Curriculum". Our curriculum is based from all our teachers that have visited us in the past and are still currently visiting us to keep us up to date in all our training Methods.
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Pekiti Tirsia Tactical

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Marcaida Kali

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Kali Mundo

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FCS - Filipino
Combat Systems

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PTK France

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Warrior Arts Alliance

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Montreal Canada

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Tactical Arts Academy

We consistently test our students offering rank and promotions. When a student has completed each level. Global recognition of rank is recorded with all the Shinkali Affiliations and International Associations.
What you learn
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シングル スティック
Single Stick

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ダブル スティック
Double Stick

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シングル ダガー
Single Dagger

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ダブル ダガー
Double Dagger

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Espada y Daga

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Sibat (Spear)

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Kali Jujitsu

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English / 日本