ShinKali Tour
“Inspire Others”

We are excited to announce ShinKali will be going on tour in Japan. Through the years we have had many requests about ShinKali in different areas of Japan.
Now you can be a part of our ShinKali “ Inspire Others” Japan Tour. If you like us to visit you, your gym or area and experience the art of Kali, email us and book your Dates today.


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Their are many Martial Arts Styles in the world today. We believe whatever style of Martial Arts you currently train is a good Martial Arts. Each Martial Arts Style is special and any style that can help you grow in Mind, Body and Spirit is a great. We support whatever style you already do, we are honored to share the Martial Art of Kali with you. That is why we have created - OPEN WORKSHOP / SEMINAR so you may learn specific aspects of what we do and continue with the style you already know.

• Single Stick
• Double Stick
• Single Dagger
• Double Dagger
• Espada y Daga
• Sibat (spear)
• Empty Hands
• Kali Jitsu
• Special Training

Our goal is simple to create Workshops/Seminars(W/S) throughout Japan to share our knowledge of Kali with you. The (W/S) are OPEN for all those who would like to experience Kali.

(W/S) can be:
• Half day (1/2)
• Full Day
• Weekend

The length of time training (1/2 day, 1 Day or weekend), a private lesson, learning together in a group or creating an event to attract new members to your gym, the option is yours to decide. If you like to do more than just host a Workshop/Seminar and you really want to be a part of ShinKali, then we offer

Workshop / Seminar Application

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