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Similar to Japanese Budo, Karate, Aikido, Judo etc. Each one are uniquely different, but all come from Japan.
Kali, Arnis, Escrima all come from the Philippines, but just like Japanese Budo each one is unique in their own way.

ShinKali focuses on the Art of “Kali” specifically understanding the Blade from Long to Close range. We believe the best way to understand a weapon attack is to understand the weapon`s movement and principles.

ShinKali trains in 2 traditions. The Filipino Martial Art of "Kali" and The Art of Japanese "Jujitsu".
KALI is a Filipino close quarter fighting system that focuses on impacted and edged weapons. The strategy is based on mobility, counterattacking and triangular movement and clearly comes from the era when when it was common for Filipino men to carry swords and knives.

JUJITSU Is the Japanese Martial, "Jū" can be translated to mean "gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding." "Jutsu" can be translated to mean "art" or "technique" and represents manipulating the opponent's force against himself rather than confronting it with one's own force.
What is Kali?
KALI - Is the Martial Arts from the Philippines. The word “Kali” is a combination of two other Filipino words. “Ka” comes from the root-word “Kamot”, which means “Hand”, and “Li” comes from the root-word “Lihok” which means “Motion”.
ShinKali trains in the Martial Art of Kali. Offensive/counter-offensive methodology which allows the practitioner to move more dynamically than a "defensive" mentality. With this mindset, practitioners are able to overtake an opponent much more effectively.
Our Purpose
To provide practitioners in Japan and Japanese practitioners who study Filipino martial arts with knowledge in not only the theory and techniques of Kali, but also deepen their understanding of historical and scientific aspects. It is hoped that this will contribute to the global development of the traditional culture and foster good will through Kali.

What we offer:
SHINKALI invites everyone who is interested in the Martial Art of Kali the freedom to learn and train. We have 2 Student training options to choose from.

1. WALK-IN Student


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Walk-In Intermediate / Advance

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Train when you can! No contract or commitment. Just train and learn Kali according to your own schedule.

2. Full Member Student

Full Member BEGINNER

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Full Member Intermediate / Advance COURSE

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Train Train Train! Enjoy the Art of Kali. Learn the Classical and Modern Applications of Kali Techniques.

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Private Training, Workshop or become an Official ShinKali Representative in your area.
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Special Bi-Monthly
FOCUS TRAINING CLASS Starting January 2018 -
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Check some awesome KALI WEAR at:
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Coming Soon!
ShinKali DVD. A review for our members as well as a great lesson on how to explore the fundamentals of Kali. Get on our
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Watch NOW on our ShinKali ON DEMAND "KALI FLOW"
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Our Curriculum:
Generally our student's interests fall under 2 main aspects that our school has to offer: read more….
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Pekiti Tirsia Tactical

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Kali Mundo

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FCS - Filipino
Combat Systems

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PTK France

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Warrior Arts Alliance

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Montreal Canada

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Tactical Arts Academy

Official Area Representatives:
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Nagoya - 名古屋
北森 教志
Mataas Na Guro
Atsushi Kitamori

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ShinKali - アメリカ
Lakan Guro
Vincent Gonzales

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Osaka - 大阪
Mataas Na Guro
Takashi Funaba

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Hiroshima - 広島
小島 健吾
Guro Kengo Kojima

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Hachioji - 八王子
嘉陽 与南
Lakan Guro
Donan Kayo

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Kyoto - 京都
岡井 英次
Lakan Guro Eiji Okai

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Toyoyama - 豊山
太田 マサキ
Lakan Isa
Masaki Oota

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Tokushima - 徳島
湯浅 哲也
Tetsuya Yuasa

If you are interested in joining our training sessions at these locations feel free to contact us anytime. We welcome all to come down and participate.

Training Areas:
渋谷 - Shibuya
代々木 - Yoyogi
八王子 - Hachioji
名古屋 - Nagoya
豊山 - Toyoyama
大阪 - Osaka
京都 - Kyoto
徳島 - Tokushima
広島 - Hiroshima

ShinKali International :
アメリカ - America
カザフスタン - Kazakhstan
インド - India
- ドイツ - Germany


English / 日本